What is the biblical significance of frankincense?


Frankincense was a perfume and spiritual incense, burned in temples throughout the East. Myrrh was a sacred anointing oil. Frankincense and Myrrh are both mentioned in the biblical book of Exodus as sacred articles in the early Jewish and Christian faiths.

What does frankincense symbolize in the Bible?

The frankincense represents Jesus’ deity. In the Old Testament, frankincense was traditionally burned in the temple as an offering to God (Leviticus 2:2). By bringing this gift, the Magi affirmed Jesus was no ordinary man; he is both fully man and fully God.

What is the significance of frankincense in Leviticus?

As August Knobel observes, the frankincense’s definition as “a fire offering to the Lord” (24:7) reinforces the idea that it is burned on the outer altar, where “fire offerings” are usually offered. 53 Thus, the purpose of frankincense is to produce a good smell, a “sweet savor,” in offerings.

Why is frankincense so special?

With its mellow yet fresh aroma and warm comforting undertones, Frankincense essential oil can soothe fraught emotions, encourage a deep sense of calm without making you sleepy and help you feel grounded.

What did Jesus do with the gold frankincense and myrrh?

An alternative tradition holds that Mary and Joseph used the gold to pay for the stable, the frankincense to perfume it and the myrrh as an ointment for the new-born baby.

What is the significance of frankincense and myrrh?

Frankincense has long been mixed with various spices to form incense, and myrrh was used by the ancient Egyptians as an embalming agent. Both have been promoted as cures for a variety of ailments, from digestive trouble to pain relief. At the time of Jesus, these gifts were worth the same as, if not more than, gold.

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Was frankincense used in the temple?

The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all thought the rising smoke and rich aromas were pleasing to the gods. And the Jews were no exception: frankincense was regularly added to burnt offerings at the Temple in Jerusalem, and was part of a special incense blend reserved for divine service.

What herbs did Moses burn?

The ingredients are detailed in Exodus 30:34, where Moses is tasked with making incense: Take fragrant spices – gum resin, onycha and galbanum – and pure frankincense, all in equal amounts.

What healing properties does frankincense have?

The boswellic acids that come from frankincense have good antibacterial properties, which help prevent and treat oral (mouth-related) infections. These include bad breath, toothaches, and cavities.

What is the difference between frankincense and sacred frankincense?

Sacred Frankincense™ essential oil is derived from the sap of the Boswellia sacra in Oman, and Frankincense essential oil comes from the Boswellia carterii in Somalia—both trees spindly, ethereal, and wild in their own right.

What does frankincense smell like?

If you’re curious about what frankincense smells like, most people describe its smell as earthy, woody, piney, or balsamic, and at the same time soft, sweet, and citrusy. Overall, it’s a complex and wonderfully balanced aroma that helps calm the mind and soul.

What were the three wise men’s gifts to Jesus?

The magi knelt down for the baby Jesus and “offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” Their gifts are possibly an allusion to Isaiah’s vision of nations rendering tribute to Jerusalem: “A multitude of camels shall cover you.

Is frankincense good for pain?

Frankincense and myrrh are widely used in clinics as a pair of herbs to obtain a synergistic effect for relieving pain.

What does myrrh mean in Hebrew?

The word myrrh corresponds with a common Semitic root m-r-r meaning “bitter”, as in Aramaic ܡܪܝܪܐ murr and Arabic مُرّ murr.

Where does frankincense come from?

Background. Originating from Africa, India, and the Middle East, frankincense oil has been important both socially and economically as an ingredient in incense and perfumes for thousands of years. Frankincense oil is prepared from aromatic hardened gum resins obtained by tapping Boswellia trees.

What religions use frankincense?

Frankincense was valued in ancient times in worship and as a medicine and is still an important incense resin, particularly in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The resin is also used in aromatherapy and skin care products and is valued in folk and Eastern medicine.

What do the 3 gifts of the Magi represent?

It has also been suggested that, In addition to the honor and status implied by the value of the gifts of the magi, scholars think that these three were chosen for their special spiritual symbolism about Jesus himself—gold representing his kingship, frankincense a symbol of his priestly role, and myrrh a prefiguring of …

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Do Christians burn incense?

Incense has been employed in worship by Christians since antiquity, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church/Eastern Catholic Church, Orthodox Christian churches, Lutheran Churches, Old Catholic/Liberal Catholic Churches and some Anglican Churches.

Is incense biblical?

Incense was very common in the old testament and even up to today, some denominations still burn incense. Since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the veil of the temple has been removed so it is no longer necessarily to burn incense as explained in Hebrews 9:11-24.

What does frankincense incense do spiritually?

Frankincense, similar to Sage or Palo Santo, acts as an energetic purifier. For years, frankincense has been used in religious and spiritual spaces to cleanse one’s aura. This means that burning frankincense resin will help to cleanse and realign your chakras, leading to a feeling of balance and ease.

What is the most powerful essential oil?

Frankincense. Often referred to as the “king of oils,” frankincense or Boswellia is one of the most potent and medicinally useful essential oils on the planet.

Can you put frankincense oil directly on your skin?

When used in aromatherapy, frankincense oil is typically inhaled (either directly or with a diffuser) or applied topically (directly on the skin). Because essential oils are so powerful, it’s critical for you to dilute the frankincense properly with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin.

What is another name for frankincense?

Other Name(s): Arbre à Encens, Bible Frankincense, Boswellia carteri, Boswellia sacra, Boswellie, Encens, Incense, Oleo-gum-resin, Oléo-Gomme-Résine, Oliban, Olibanum, Ru Xiang, Ru Xiang Shu.

Where do you apply Sacred Frankincense?

Suggested Uses

  1. Diffuse Sacred Frankincense with Myrrh and Cedarwood to create a meditative environment.
  2. Apply it topically to your wrists, ear lobes, or crown during yoga, prayer, or meditation.
  3. Add a few drops to your facial essence, serum, or moisturizer to help promote even, radiant-looking skin.

What is myrrh called today?

Myrrh gum is commonly harvested from the species Commiphora myrrha. Another commonly used name, Commiphora molmol, is now considered a synonym of Commiphora myrrha. Commiphora myrrha is native to Somalia, Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Somali Region of Ethiopia and parts of Saudi Arabia.

What smells better frankincense or myrrh?

Frankincense is somehow similar to Myrrh. Both of them are gum resins manufactured from the sap of trees. Both have a stronger and bold scent, but astringent Myrrh is bitter while frankincense is sweeter.

What type of frankincense is best?

Many people regard Sacred Frankincense as the most therapeutic and highly sought-after Frankincense oil in the world. Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil’s aroma is similar to the other varieties: balsamic, rich, warm, slightly spicy, sweet, and woody. However, this particular Frankincense oil has more earthy notes.

Is incense and frankincense the same?

Frankincense (also known as olibanum) is an aromatic resin used in incense and perfumes, obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia in the family Burseraceae. The word is from Old French franc encens (‘high-quality incense’).

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How old was Jesus when he was crucified?

Considering Jesus’ varying chronology, he was 33 to 40 years old at his time of death.

What religion are Magi?

Magi (/ˈmeɪdʒaɪ/; singular magus /ˈmeɪɡəs/; from Latin magus, cf. Persian: مغ pronounced [moɣ]) were priests in Zoroastrianism and the earlier religions of the western Iranians.

Does frankincense oil work for arthritis?


According to the Arthritis Foundation, the acids in frankincense have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They may also help to reduce autoimmune responses and prevent cartilage damage.

Does frankincense grow hair?

1. Promotes Hair Growth. Frankincense essential oil stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which helps in promoting hair growth. It reduces the amount of hair loss, split ends, thinning of hair and tangles.

What does myrrh symbolize?

THERE ARE two traditions. The first, referred to in the carol ‘We Three Kings’, interprets the gifts as symbolising three aspects of Christ’s future life: gold representing kingship, frankincense (worship) and myrrh (death and mourning).

What is frankincense in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for frankincense is labonah, which means “white,” referring to the gum’s color. The English word frankincense comes from a French expression meaning “free incense” or “free burning.” It’s also known as gum olibanum.

Why do Catholics swing incense at funerals?

The church considers incense to be both purifying and sanctifying. For holy days and significant celebrations, the censer is swung in the processional before the start of the ceremony and in the recessional at its conclusion.

Why do Catholic priests swing incense?

During funeral services and memorial services (Panikhida), the censer is swung almost continuously. Incense is understood as symbolizing the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the Saints rising to heaven. Incense is offered by the priest or deacon during the services.

What is frankincense oil used for spiritually?

Frankincense essential oil is used in meditation to help promote calmness because it slows breathing, helping you calm down and has been used traditionally to help grief and the grieving process throughout the centuries.

What is the difference between frankincense and sacred frankincense?

Sacred Frankincense™ essential oil is derived from the sap of the Boswellia sacra in Oman, and Frankincense essential oil comes from the Boswellia carterii in Somalia—both trees spindly, ethereal, and wild in their own right.

What does burning frankincense and myrrh do?

Since ancient times, burning of frankincense and myrrh in places of worship for spiritual purposes and contemplation (a ubiquitous practice across various religions) had hygienic functions, to refine the smell and reduce contagion by purifying the indoor air.

Which frankincense is best for healing?

Even though all Frankincense is good for relieving aches and swollen joints, Frankincense Serrata is also the best choice for this issue.

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