Do churches need copyright license?

Churches must always have permission to distribute lyrics and sheet music for copyrighted songs, including during worship services. Purchasing and using hymnals is one way to comply with copyright law—the cost of licensing the lyrics and sheet music is included in the cost of hymnals.

The CCLI Streaming license allows you to stream or podcast your live-recorded worship service music on your church’s website or other streaming services. So you can now include your music along with the Pastor’s message as you webcast your church service.

Do all churches need a CCLI license?

Churches do not need a performance license to play / perform copyrighted music in the context of a church service. A “generic” CCLI license is a protective measure which covers certain ways in which you can use the music, it’s not a performance license.

Why does a church need a CCLI license?

CCLI provides blanket licenses so member churches can reproduce, display, rehearse, broadcast and stream songs. A congregation’s annual license cost is based on its size, and different licenses are available depending on the church’s needs.

Do churches have to pay royalties for worship songs?

Nearly every song written is copyrighted. To make copies of lyrics for a transparency or computer-generated display during worship, a church, like any other corporate entity, is required by law to pay a fee, most of which is eventually distributed to copyright owners according to usage.

Do I need a licence to play music in church?

Music which is played from a recording or performed live during your regular worship services (Acts of Worship) does not currently require the cover of a licence. This includes all main Sunday services, special services, weddings and funerals.

Who needs a CCLI license?

Which license do I need? The license(s) you need depends on the songs you are reproducing in your church. If your congregation sings a broad range of traditional hymns and modern songs, it’s likely you’ll need licensing from CCLI. If you only use sacred music, you may only need licensing from OneLicense.

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Can churches stream worship music?

While the Religious Service Exemption in US copyright law outlines the permissions for churches to perform songs that are copyrighted during their religious services, it does not permit that performance to be streamed or broadcast over the Internet.

Can I play Spotify at church?

However, as a church in the US, we are allowed under copyright law to play live or recorded music during our services. We must have the proper license to allow us to play live or recorded music at other events.

Can I play a CD in church?

In short you can stream recordings of your own musicians playing, provided you have the correct licences, but you cannot use CDs, DVDs, YouTube videos or any other recordings of other performers without permission.

Do I need CCLI rehearsal license?

Thankfully, CCLI has a Blanket License that allows churches to legally distribute CD’s and give their teams access to stream or download songs over the internet. It’s called the CCLI Church Rehearsal License and if you distribute recordings in any way, you need this license.

Is there an alternative to CCLI?’s top 5 competitors in July 2022 are:,,,, and more.

Are old church hymns copyrighted?

Yes. The Church Copyright Licence includes the right to reproduce over 300,000 hymns and worship songs from over 3000 music catalogues worldwide.

Can I show a film in church?

The Religious Service Exemption allows for films to be shown during a religious service in place of typical worship practices, like praying or playing music. Church film screenings that are not held during a service may be protected as educational material under the Classroom Use Exemption or the Fair Use Doctrine.

What music can I play without a licence?

Can I play any music without violating copyright laws? Yes, you can play public domain music. The term “public domain” refers to songs that are not protected by intellectual property laws such as copyright. Works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former copyright owner.

What is the difference between CCS and CCLI?

In a nutshell, the important difference is: • Church Copyright License by CCLI primarily addresses the area of reproduction rights. PERFORMmusic License by CCS primarily addresses the area of performance rights.

Does CCLI cover hymns?

The CCLI Copyright License® allows churches to reproduce or copy more than 500,000 worship songs and hymns to assist congregational singing in the following ways: Electronically store and retrieve song lyrics and music on computers and digital devices to enable the visual projection of songs.

Are Catholic hymns copyrighted?

We sing hymns and songs that become part of the fabric of our lives—“Holy, Holy” (in Heritage Mass), “Here I Am, Lord,” “On Eagle’s Wings.” Just a few of the titles that help our hearts feel the beauty of Mass—all of them protected by copyright.

Do you need rights to cover a song?

You Don’t Need Permission to Cover a Song

A common misconception in the music industry is that you need to receive permission from the original composer in order to record a cover version of their song. However, US copyright law makes it much easier than that for artists wishing to cover a piece of music.

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Do churches use twitch?

With all this, you might wonder if any churches are currently using Twitch. The answer is yes.

Is CCLI legitimate?

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) is a privately owned company that was founded in the US in 1988 by Howard Rachinski.

Christian Copyright Licensing International.

Formerly Starpraise Ministries
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Can you play Spotify at an event?

Your personal streaming account, such as Spotify or Pandora, is not enough. You’ll need a commercial streaming account, often defined as a “music for business” or professional streaming account, to legally play most music at your event.

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How much does music licensing cost?

The cost to license a copyrighted song can vary widely. The cost for a song from a small independent artist might be less than $100, while a track by a major artist or label can run thousands of dollars. Some licenses might also charge you a percentage of revenue instead.

How do you get a copyrighted music license?

In order to obtain a music license, you need to obtain permission from a legal entity that represents the artist’s work. This can be the artist themselves, a publisher, record label, performing rights organization or music licensing company.

Copyright License®

The CCLI Copyright License ensures your church is covered. Simply and legally. The Copyright License is tailored to your congregational singing activities and provides broad coverage for lyric storage, projections, song sheets, bulletin inserts, instrumental/vocal arrangements and service recordings.

Does CCLI license Cover Facebook?

In 2011, CCLI added the Streaming License as a supplement to our Copyright License. It is primarily intended to cover the live service webcasts on your church’s website; however it also covers third-party social media platforms, like YouTube and Facebook.

Does Song Select have an app?

The ability to import music from CCLI’s SongSelect puts all of the current music at your fingertips. We build and design an app customized for your ministry.

What music is covered by one license?

Through ONE LICENSE, License Holders have access to thousands of congregational hymns, songs, and service music from today’s top liturgical music publishers to use in worship aids, service bulletins, and projections to inspire congregational singing.

To do this, click on the ProPresenter menu in the top left corner and select Preferences. Select the General tab. You will find the Copyright settings at the bottom of this window. Check the box next to “Enable Copyright display” so that the information you entered in the information panel can be shown.

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How much does a CCLI license cost?

Base cost is 150 dollars, annually. Stream is an additional 76 dollars, annually. Rehearse is an additional 128 dollars, annually. Congregational sizes between 100 and 199 people.

Is It Is Well With My Soul copyrighted?

Setting: ‘It Is Well’ or ‘Ville Du Havre’ Philip P. Bliss, 1876. copyright: public domain.

How can I avoid paying music licensing?

How Can You Avoid Paying These Fees?

  1. Play the radio. If your store area is smaller than 2,000 square feet, you can play the radio or television as a source of music and avoid all fees.
  2. Play classical music.
  3. Play copyright-free music.
  4. Play original music.
  5. Sell recorded music.
  6. Cut out a performing rights society.

Do you need both ASCAP and BMI?

No, you don’t need to sign up with both ASCAP and BMI. In fact, it’s better if you register all your songs with just one of these Performance Rights Organizations (PROs). You’re actually not allowed to register the same song with both PROs, but it is possible to have different songs registered with both PROs.

Who needs a MPLC license?

If you show films or TV programmes, including channels such as ITV or BBC1, you need an MPLC licence. If you use images in your marketing, you must have permission to use them from the copyright owner.

Can churches show the chosen?

Angel Studios raised millions through crowdfunding to fund the multi-season series about the life of Jesus Christ. The church also allowed “The Chosen” to film scenes of Season 2 at its Jerusalem set near Goshen, Utah.

Do I need a sesac license?

For music venues, bars that host live music regularly, radio stations, music festivals, and other businesses that make regular use of music: an ASCAP and/or BMI and/or SESAC license is required in order to legally play music publicly in a place of business.

What happens if I dont pay Ascap?

A violation can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, legal fees, and penalties to the business. The cost of a fine from one PRO can close a business that is not cautious.

Do I need both one license and CCLI?

Which license do I need? The license(s) you need depends on the songs you are reproducing in your church. If your congregation sings a broad range of traditional hymns and modern songs, it’s likely you’ll need licensing from CCLI. If you only use sacred music, you may only need licensing from OneLicense.

How does a CCLI license work?

The CCLI Copyright License covers the translation of a covered song’s lyrics from the original published version into a preferred language where no published version is available and is exclusively for use in church worship services.

Can you sing a copyrighted song in church?

While churches are typically permitted to play and perform copyrighted songs during worship services, the law generally only extends to live, in-person performances. Another license is often required to play, perform, or otherwise use any copyrighted material in a recording or broadcast.

Can churches stream worship music?

While the Religious Service Exemption in US copyright law outlines the permissions for churches to perform songs that are copyrighted during their religious services, it does not permit that performance to be streamed or broadcast over the Internet.

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